Our Story

Why Indulgent Flavor Bombs?

Executive Chef Queen Precious-Jewel and Chef Jacqueline “Jay” believe in doing all things to the best of their ability. They founded Indulge Catering, LLC and Indulgent Essential Spices® to do just that: Provide Indulgent Flavor Bombs that astonish, delight and allow you to fully experience the joys of food as nourishment to your soul. They strive to reintroduce you to your palate by embracing the concept of healthy, flavorful options. They hope to ELEVATE YOUR PALATE® and make you think of food on a whole new level.

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Meet Our Founders/Chefs

Our Chefs

Executive Chef Queen Precious-Jewel (the Bronx, NY native) and Sous Chef Jacqueline "Jay" (Durham, NC native) have built a highly sought-after catering business by creating healthy, flavorful dishes that astonish and delight clients—all while using fresh ingredients from local vendors. 

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 Chef Queen Precious-Jewel

I’m the Owner/Founder/Executive Chef of Indulge Catering, LLC. I have a gift that I get to share as a way of bringing community back to the table. I enjoy sharing my love of truly experiencing the joy of food through your eyes, the smells, and of course, the taste.

Since 2014, I have worked hard to build a highly sought-after catering business by creating high-end healthy, flavorful dishes that astonish and delight my clients—while still supporting local vendors. I love to challenge my clients to elevate their palates and welcome them to my “table” to Indulge.

Finally after 7 years in business, and having to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic, I launched Indulgent Essential Spices, a line of Gluten-Free, Vegan, Organic artisanal spices and sauces.
Fun Indulgent Fact: As the eldest of 6 children, I have always prepared healthy, great-tasting, food for my family. This is what started my love of cooking, combining flavors, and creating meals that pull inspiration from growing up Muslim in the Bronx, NY. Being a Chef is my blessed journey.

Chef Jacqueline “Jay”

I’m the Co-Owner/Sous Chef of Indulge Catering, LLC. I'm a "Durhamite" meaning I was born and raised in The Bull City aka Durham, NC. Around Durham, I'm known as the mayor because I'm very personable and have never met a stranger or forgotten a face.

My most important role however is the official taste tester of all INDULGENT Flavor Bombs that Chef Queen Precious-Jewel creates.

Fun Indulgent Fact: I'm a proud Veteran of the United States Army

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Our Values


We strive to use only quality ingredients that produce only outstanding products and services to deliver premium value.

Be Involved In Community

We value and support our strong community partnerships and will continue to strive to be great global citizens.


We vow to make conscious decisions in everything. We strive to always do the right thing.

Commitment To Our Customers

We will work to develop relationships that leave positive and everlasting connections.


Keep it simply clean!

Personal Accountability

We promise to be true to who we are and to let the blessings of this journey shine through.


Think beyond, be better, stay out of the box!

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Why Indulgent Essential Spices ®

The difference is on the fork! We have used these spice blends in our award-winning catering company for years, and they are proven crowd favorites. You can see the difference in each of our spice blends, sauces, and condiments. Using vegan, gluten-free and organic ingredients you will taste the quality and care in every bite.